Environment Variables

The following are environment variables control elm-main and are also inputs to other elm functions like elm.config.client_context (a dask client context):

  • DASK_EXECUTOR: Dask executor to use. Choices [DISTRIBUTED, SERIAL, THREAD_POOL] (default: SERIAL)
  • DASK_SCHEDULER: Dask scheduler URL, such as, if using DASK_EXECUTOR=DISTRIBUTED
  • DASK_THREADS: Number of threads if using DASK_EXECUTOR==THREAD_POOL
  • ELM_EXAMPLE_DATA_PATH: Path to local clone of hhttps://github.com/ContinuumIO/elm/tree/master/examples (used for py.test)
  • ELM_LOGGING_LEVEL: Either INFO (default) or DEBUG
  • ELM_PREDICT_PATH: Base path for saving prediction output
  • ELM_TRAIN_PATH: Base path for saving trained ensembles
  • MAX_PARAM_RETRIES: How many times to retry in genetic algorithm when parameters are repeatedly infeasible
  • IS_TRAVIS: If IS_TRAVIS=1 , then dask’s distributed client is not used (the client if started in CI tests can cause hanging)